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  • GONZOの日本酒SHOW 第18 回 新しい日本酒の提案 Recommend new style sake
第18 回 GONZOの日本酒SHOW

第18 回 新しい日本酒の提案 Recommend new style sake

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飲食店は数あれど、これほどマニアックでおいしい日本酒を数多く提供しているところはないと称される、白金高輪のダイニングバー「GONZO」。そんなGONZO のマスター浅井剛一氏が、日本酒の歴史と文化の話を交えつつ、ホテル・レストランでの提供方法までご紹介していきます。
There are many restaurants, but there are none which provide such delicious and numerous kinds of sake, which can please enthusiasts, as the dining bar "GONZO" in Shirokane-takanawa.  Mr. Gouichi Asai, the master of GONZO, will talk about the history and culture of sake, and introduce how to provide sake at hotels and restaurants.

浅井 剛一(あさい・ごういち)
1977 年東京生まれ。2004 年10 月、日本酒に合う肴、料理に合う酒をテーマとして白金高輪にGONZO をオープン。2006 年に唎酒師取得。
GONZO 東京都港区三田5-21-7
℡ 03-3449-5500
Goichi Asai
Born in Tokyo in 1977. In October 2004, GONZO was opened in Shirokane Takanawa, a theme for Sake marriage dishes, acquired sake taster in 2006.
GONZO 21-7, Mita 5, Minato-ku, Tokyo ℡ 03-3449-5500

Sparkling Sake
Did you know that Japanese sake also has a bubbly fizziness? There seems to be various names, but it sounds natural to be called as sparkling sake, d oesn't it? Sparkling wine is indispensable for a toast at celebrations as well as for the beginning of meal times. The cork stopper is pulled out and there is a quiet sound, "pop". Liquid, along with foam of a fine texture, that is loosely poured into a glass with an elongated shape, which is called a flute glass. And when you look at the foam rising up from the center of the glass, it makes one imagine the time of happiness starting from that moment.
Sake is made from rice. Sparkling made with rice. If you have this sake, you can continue from the first toast to the middle of the meal with Japanese sake. (There is also sake which is like desert wine.) This sparking sake has also been produced by major sake brewers and it can be found quite frequently, but actually it isn’t something that started recently, and as far as I know it has been around for about 10 years now. At that time, it was the sweet sparkling sake called "Suzune" in the green small bottle brewed by Ichinokura sake brewery, and I think that there were many people who were deeply moved by its fashionable image of drinking it from a flute glass as well as by its fizzy taste, and thought "Is this sake!?". When you have a sip, a stimulating fizziness will go through your body, and that sweet taste also serves as an aperitif, making it easier for your feelings to go to the food.

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