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  • レポート 世界紀行 〜キューバ・フロリダ編 World travels ~ A report from CUBA & Florida 異なる土地・言語・宗教・文化 意外な類似性を見出す
レポート 世界紀行 〜キューバ・フロリダ編 World travels ~ A report from CUBA & Florida

異なる土地・言語・宗教・文化 意外な類似性を見出す

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In Terrain Language Religion and Culture Discovering the similarities among the variations of language, religion and culture on different terrains.

〈プロフィール〉米国IFDA Chairwoman・SHOKONEWYORK 代表。慶應義塾大学大学院卒法学修士。感性学研究者。江戸川大学客員教授・早稲田大学文学学術院特別招聘講師歴任。大学時代、東宮御所にて侍従長令夫人黒木氏に、皇族の礼儀作法と日本のお花を学ぶ。渡米して30 年。「フローラルデザイン理論」を学術的に世界で初めて発表。現在、感性学研究の第一人者として、お花をツールに、精神医学・心理哲学・コミュニケーション学の分野で、人々に役立つための研究分析調査を続けている。日本問い合わせ先:honbu@sfds.co.jp (URL:http//www.sfds.co.jp/)
Chairwoman of IFDA America and Representative of SHOKONEWYORK. Visiting Professor of Edogawa University. Graduated from Keio University Graduate School in Master of Laws.
Researcher of the study of sensibility. During her university years, Shoko studied the Royal Etiquette and Japanese flowers from Mrs. Kuroki, Grand Chamberlain at the Crown Prince's Palace.
30 years since she moved to America, she has released the world's first "Theory of Floral Design" and after conducting in-depth research and analysis using flowers as a tool, she became the first researcher for "the science of sensibility".
Contact information in USA: (URL:http//www.ifda/info/)

 Following my previous trip to NewYork and Stockholm, this time, I will introduce you to Cuba and Florida as a resort location and from a historical perspective respectively.
Cuba, a vintage vacation destination
born from its own history.

 It’s as if time has been put on a halt and I’m in a different dimension. The ship has reached the shore in the early morning. I will never forget the magnificent view that struck me as soon as I stepped outside onto the balcony.
 This is Cuba. A country that should have restored its diplomatic relations with the U.S.A. At the entrance of the isolated port was a streetscape and
there was something besides the obvious gap between the wealthy and underprivileged that left me in awe.
 One step off the ship and I’m immediately welcomed by the town plaza, clearly built for tourists. The restaurants there served exquisite dishes accompanied by polite customer services. The vintage cars that wait around are there specifically to provide services for tourists, much like a rickshaw. The other cars belonging to the locals are patchworked all over with tape.
 It’s not that Cuba is a vintage vacation destination but a country that is suffering from economic stagnation and with their diplomatic ties cut off, it has been left aside. This resembled the time when Japan experienced national isolation. I can only hope for the economic recovery and advancement in internationalization for Cuba and for its people.

【特集】本誌独自調査 全国ホテルオープン情報
チョイスホテルズインターナショナル CEO パトリック・ペイシ…



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